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TBI One Love Survivor Zachary Crider

Hello, my name is Zachary Crider and this is my story.

On March 5th of 2016 (five days shy of a month from my 18th birthday) around 11am my Father and I were involved in a very bad car accident in Fort Myers, Florida due to him having an aneurysm bleed and losing consciousness.

March of 2016 was exactly, the middle of my senior year of Highschool. In this accident I broke practically, everything including shattering c1/c2 and fracturing c3, which is presumed to have caused my TBI!

 Now, as a result, my neck is fused from the base of my skull to c3 which was least broken.  Fortunately, I was able to receive my Highschool diploma because I had planned to graduate a year early!

Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family!

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