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TBI One Love Survivors Rich and Natalie Rosenbaum

My name is Natalie Rosenbaum,  I have a ABI or acquired brain injury.  I developed Meningitis three days after birth then Hydrocephalus.  I had my first brain surgery for a Sagittal Sinus Shunt placement at the age of 5 weeks.  I would go on to have 2 more surgeries replacing my shunt with a VP Shunt before the age of 1 and become one of the first pediatric patients to have the Denver Ventricular Shunt. My Neurosurgeon was a partner in the development of this new shunt.   I was blind and paralyzed for the first year and half of my life.  I went on to have 7 more shunt revisions before the age of 18.  I had seizures on and off until I was 18.  I am now, 42 and haven't had a brain surgery or seizure since.

I met my husband, Rich, 8 years ago.  He is a TBI survivor.  Ten years ago, he suffered a TBI after he slipped and fell on black ice while preparing for his day at work.  He sustained a fractured Temporal bone, a Coup-contra coup and swelling.  He would later slip in to a coma and have a stroke.  He spent 2 weeks in University Medical Center in Las Vegas, NV.  Then, was transferred to an in/out patient rehab for brain injuries called Nevada Community Enrichment Program.  He would spend two weeks in inpatient therapy and one year in out patient therapy. A year later, he would have a Cranioplasty to repair his fractured skull.  Due to his injuries, he has a left visual field neglect, no sense of smell or taste.  He has permanent partial hearing loss in both ears requiring a hearing aid and seizures.  However, his most severe deficit is his memory loss and facial blindness. He is unable to recognize faces (even his own), places, things or landmarks.  He compensates very well d

spite this challenge.   

We are very blessed enlighten of our challenges.  We don't take anything for granted.  We are both healthy and happy and grateful to be alive!

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